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Re: scanf in MiNT libraries

>also, at one point the library did use the BSD scanf, i should have that
>sitting around somewhere in case someone is interested... but is'nt BSD in
>trouble with USL or something, i have'nt looked lately to see whats going on

UCB have counter sued USL saying that they are in breach of the license UCB
gave them to use their code in SYSVr4, namely that they've not kept the BSD
copyright headers on source files and not given full accreditation of thier
work in the documentation. In other words, UCB want ALL their code back from
USL. SYSVr4 is about 60% BSD code in total, including all the user programs,
eg VI, More etc etc etc. This means that if UCB win USL are left with about
40% of an operating system to sell.

Methinks USL bit off a little more than it could chew when they added UCB to
the BSDI lawsuit.

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