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set displayed video mode without changing GEMs? save 100es of K memory...


 a problem:  Setscreen (-1, foo, -1) sets the displayed screen address
and GEM (VDI) still writes to its old one.  now how do i set the displayed
_video mode_ for the screen at adress foo without affecting GEMs too?
seems only by hitting the hardware directly. :-(  question: has someone
code for that which i could use that works on TTs or falcons too?

 the reason is, when the console screen now takes 300K on a falcon
(hi res, many colours...) virtual terminals (vt01..09) now would take
600K for the first and 300 more for each other open vt...  although they
are just text screens where for the usual 25 * 80 characters ST video
modes should be as good (32K), and faster too.

 i guess just code that saves/restores the hardware register settings in
the right order and timing would be enogh...  then i could do a normal
Setscreen once at boot time and then just use the saved settings?

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