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Re: too much mintlibs updates???

Claus Brod writes:

> > Compiling takes me about
> > 3 hours on my TT (sorry, no fast ram), so I don't like to do it that often
> > (and I want to compile it because there're no 68020/68881 bins included...)!
> > 
> >   Are there really so many bugs left in it that such a high update rate is
> > really necessary??? ;-)
> I wouldn't want to limit anyone's creative power by imposing rules
> on update intervals.


>  If you think updates come way too often, you
> can just as well skip a few of them. I think it would be a good
> idea if the MiNTlib update messages here on the MiNT list would 
> include a *short* description of the major changes so that everyone 
> can decide on his/her own whether it is worth re-compiling the whole
> stuff.

 is the diff to Changelog not short enough?  i usually just do
zoo xp: mlibd* |less  and then search (/) for Changelog.

 hope this helps...
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