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RE: mintlib`s rename

>>>>> bammi@Cadence.COM (jwahar r. bammi) writes:

|>> While porting RCS, I found that the rename function will not rename a file
|>> if the file is write protected.

|> 	this is indeed incorrect behavior. you can rename a write
|> protected file. if from and to are both files, either/or can be write
|> protected. the directory containing them must have appro permissions.

Yes, i think this should be changed in MiNT. This is up to the file
system to decide this (another reason to use MinixFS :-). Also even
the superuser cannot delete a write protected file, which is also a
bad thing. MiNT should be more Unix compatible in this handling (of
cause, only possible with MinixFS :-). Btw. what does POSIX say about


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