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include file problems

>I'm having a nasty problem with the way the MiNTlibs include hierarchy
>works. The problem:
>When compiling something using 'gcc -I. foo.c', strange things happen
>when foo.c includes a file "wait.h" or "compiler.h" . Why? because
>"wait.h" usually will include <sys/wait.h>, which in turn does a
>#include <wait.h> . At this point the error occurs, because the -I.
>option makes gcc include ./wait.h, not /usr/include/wait.h .
>I think this problem could happen on any UNIX machine when you have a
>file ./stdio.h for example, but people don't usually do that.
>I think having all these MiNT specific files in /usr/include is the
>wrong thing, they should be in /usr/include/sys or /usr/include/mint.

Personally I think it's really stupid for people to distribute a file
called wait.h with their applications.

But, since this seems to haunt a lot of people, I'll look into fixing



As for where the include files go, I don't plan on moving them any
time soon unless somebody can point out some standard that's violated
by the current setup.


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