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Re: XATTR structure for biosfs entries

Stephen Henson wrote:

> One thing I'd like to see is to have the whole thing rationalised to refer
> to devices as major/minor device numbers. Then we could do things the Unix
> way and I could add character/block special files to Minixfs.

Obviously cou can change the XATTR structure to support these, but what's
the use of that until:

1) the filesystem itself doesn't support block orientated devices

2) the underlying BIOS also supports no unique way of accessing the
	possible harddrives etc... think about your troubles with AHDI,
	XHDI & ICD drivers...

>From what I recall, ls does report some numbers, but these are merely random,
'cause they're not filled in by the getxattr call but just left as what they
were before. :-(

You would have to:

1) write a completely new harddisk driver, which is compatible to all old ones


2) write a meta driver which completely hides the differences between the basic
ones to the biosfs

Look like you must have done something very close to this to get your minixfs
work :-) so why not make the final step??? ::--))

so long,
PS: If the above written looks weird, than that's because it probably IS.
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