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Re: XATTR structure for biosfs entries

>> > Better still.. emulate the TOS hard disk driver interface layer on top of a
>> > generic, device oriented driver fully integrated into MiNT so as to allow
>> > asynchronous disk transfers etc.. that would speed up MiNT no end!!
>> Still working on it, but this needs some support from the MiNT kernel
>> (GEMDOS reentrancy and related stuff).
>Claus - did you mean you were working on "a completely new harddisk driver"
>or did you mean "a generic, device oriented driver" ?

Well, in the end it will be both, but I'll start with some smaller
extensions to my existing hard disk driver that will enable it to
transfer data in the background. In fact, it already does until
GEMDOS bombs because of reentrancy problems. I stopped the project
at this point, but given that Eric works on Jaguar items only
nowadays, maybe I have to hack the kernel on my own.

Extending the driver to form a proper device will be a second step.
May take a long time, though.

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