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Re: Adding extra width to the filesystem interface

>I have all the mail going back to January this year. I expect people
>have earlier messages, though. It took me a while to realise this
>list existed...
>If you want this archived into a file, let me know ...

Well, if you're in a position to mail it to me, or put it up for ftp, I'd
appreciate it 100% 

>> Some time ago, a friend and I started work on an ethernet interface unit
>> for the ST, as much as a learning experience as anything else.  Since 
>> then, it's come along slowly, and developed into a somewhat more diverse
>> device, however it's roots as a SCSI/ACSI <--> ethernet adapter remain.
>> (cause the first)
>Wow! Is it cheap? Are you going to release the circuit diagrams/
>software ?

Umm. That's a tough one. At the moment, he's just discovered women, so it's
back on the shelf for a month or two, but the plan is to manufacture &
sell the units as cheaply as possible. (target retail is sub A$400)
As far as schematics are concerned, that's something anyone could brew
up 8) (Z180, 5380, j.random ethernet chipset)

The software is the sticking point - until we're sure where it is going
and will fit, the unit can't progress much further.

>Have you looked at the MiNT-ip list ? Someone has unix-domain sockets
>working under MiNT (I've got the source if you're interested). There
>is a group working on adding ip-domain sockets on top of this code..
>Unfortuantely, most of the ip list is in German - this has changed,
>but then the list went rather quiet...

I heard about the list, but never had any success joining it - I believe 
(courtesy of another reply) that daniel rosen is running it, so I'll
hit him and see what happens 8)  I can handle a reasonable degree of
german before my face goes blue.

>Yeah, or a loadable device-driver (that's how socket.xdd does it). I
>think most of the calls are implemented using ioctl

But using a loadable device driver means you lose out on the easy way to
implement read() and write() - it makes the library side modifications
quite heavy as far as I can tell, and makes inheriting your parent's 
sockets pretty messy. (I may have the stick by the wrong end here)

>I'm interested in your ethernet adaptor interface. If you need
>details of the ip list (I've got the complete archive) or you want
>the MiNT archive, just drop me a line...

Both would be very wonderful 8)


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