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MiNT 1.11 Beta Binaries needed

Hello out there.

Is it possible for someone to mail me binaries of the source that Eric Smith
has just posted?

I do not as yet have a full GCC setup, or have the latest version of Lattice,
so can't go about compiling the thing.

You may mail me uuencoded/mime-encoded versions at this address, or direct to

or you may upload it to 
micros.hensa.ac.uk, via ftp, and place it in:


This directory cannot be read by anyone on the net, apart from HENSA
moderators, and so as I am the Atari mod here, only I will get it. I will NOT
put this on-line. It will be for myself, to test other MiNT software with.

Thanks in advance

Yours in anticipation
Atari Moderator