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In message "PPP/SLIP", Stefan Berndtsson writes:

This message will not help you greatly, but is really to notify the group
what I am wating for...

> How does the PPP/SLIP work in MiNT-Net???
> How do I use it???

SLIP will be your best bet.  There should be instructions for SLIP in the
MINT-Net archive.  

PPP is there, but according to Kay, some of the daemons and drivers are not
complete.  He states that someone is working on them.  This is what I am
waiting for since my company only provides PPP access and not SLIP.

> What do I need, except MiNT (v1.10h8), MiNT-Net 0.51???

The above, plus a high speed modem (the higher the better!).
Once you have a connection, it would be best if you had some of the useful
network-type programs...telent and ftp come to mind.  I figure with those two
I can do most anything.

I am waiting to try some of the other stuff like gopher and lynx.  Here at
my company we are shifting to heavy WWW usage, and with lynx or gopher, I 
can access most anything here in the lab.

Now we just need to get ghostview/ghostscript up and working with Mint(not GEM)
For that matter we need to get some kind of X interface-type standard...

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