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Re: MiNTOS Release 1.4 now available.

>|>MiNTOS is now at Release 1.4!
>|>Known Problems.
>|>	It seems that the BSD getty doesn't like Carriage-Returns in
>|>		/etc/gettytab, it fails to read it properly. The fix is to
>|>		make sure that all lines in gettytab are terminated by a
>|>		single Line-Feed character and not the 1970's hangover from
>|>		CP/M of CR-LF. I would suggest that you make sure that ALL
>|>		configuration files use the Unix standard of LF as the
>|>		end-of-line marker.
>Oh no! Is that really necessary? Normally, the mintlib should change
>the cr-lf line endings on reading, doesnt it? This way we have to
>keep config files in different styles, because most other programs can
>cope with the normal atari line end style.

Hmm.. The problem is that I didn't get enough time to look into this
further, I decided to try to get things which didn't work at all well working
first and leave this until I had more time as there was at least a simple

I wanted to get a new release earlier because of some really nasty bugs in
the old one.

It would be nice, however, if we could get rid of the mid-70's kludge of
CR-LF, CP/M only used it because the screen/printer driver wasn't able to
produce carriage returns at the end of line, so to make text easier to read
using the PIP command they used CR-LF. This kludge just adds to the space
requirements of text files, it doesn't carry any information. Why use two
characters when one will do?



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