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MintNet 0.53

I have uploaded the following files to a.a.u.e. Could one of
{entropy,hyc,boydm} please move them to Mint/Network? Thanks!

net-053.tgz		-- MintNet 0.53
telnet-01.tgz		-- Contains a bug fix in telnetd having to do
			   with running multiple telnetd's concurrently
			   and utmp entries.
ping-00.tgz		-- /etc/ping for MintNet 0.53+
traceroute-00.tgz	-- Van Jacobson traceroute for MintNet 0.53+

News in MintNet:
- RAW IP sockets implemented (used by traceroute, ping, gated, popd, ...)
- New, better, faster PLIP driver
- Lots of TCP fixes
- other bug fixes and improvements