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Re: MiNT 1.11 problems

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> I have tried the 1.11 version of MiNT for a couple of hours, and one thing
> I can't do is change the resolution to ST-HIGH while holding Control down.
> Oh, btw, I am a Falcon owner, if you where wondering.
> Another problem I have is that I can't run MultiTOS (AES 4.1) with it.
> It gives me an error code (65502, or something) and then leaves MiNT.
> My MiNT-version is the 030 version, linked with MiNTlib PL44 (compiled for 020).

I think it's *really* time to find out why MTOS' AES won't run on new
MiNTs. There seem to be less problems when using gcc 2.3.3 instead of
newer gccs or PureC. Perhaps there's a register saving problem somewhere
in the AES?

Julian F. Reschke, Hensenstr. 142, D-48161 Muenster
 eMail: reschke@math.uni-muenster.de jr@ms.maus.de

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Yes, it is about time !

The use of gcc 2.3.3 improves the situation but does not solve it.
ST-GUIDE and BOXKITE still have problems with a self-compiled version
of MiNT (gcc 2.3.3) and AES 4.1.

I compiled MiNT 1.08 with gcc 2.33 and the MINTLIBS PL >=43 and it did 
not work correctly, while the developer version of MiNT 1.08, 
which comes with AES 4.1, works without any problems.

Which version of gcc and Mintlibs did Eric/Atari use for MiNT 1.08 ?