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Re: MiNT 1.10 copying conditions

Eric R. Smith wrote:

> >Could someone (Eric?) please tell me the exact copying conditions for
> >the MiNT 1.10 source code?
> The exact copying conditions are spelled out in the file "copying"
> that is distributed with MiNT 1.10. I'll append a copy to this
> message.

Argh! I always was looking for a file called COPYING instead of copying.
Hgrmbl! Sorry for that... ;)

Another question: Am I allowed to send MiNT binaries, patched with the
latest megapatch, to a registered developer who has no time to set up
gcc on his machine? That would be really great. (Wolfgang asked a
similar question, but perhaps it's easier to allow one person to send
him binaries.)

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