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TERM and various

> Bart Schuller has reenabled inet support in my port (term-108.tgz), but
> not, there are no newer ports available. If I get the time I will probably
> port the newest available version (is it 1.06?).

I already forgot I did that :-) The latest version is 2.10 I think.
What's new in 2.x is the transparent TERM support; You can take the
source of any network-using program and compile it with term libraries
to make a term version of it.

BTW, which BSD emulation library is the most complete, the one with
MintNet or with MinTOS?
Anyway, I don't see myself porting term2.x in the near future (lack of

Another thing: Extending the MiNT-libs. Are the MintNet libs ready for
inclusion in the mainstream libs?
Are there other people besides me who think ncurses is a good idea?

And last but not least, anyone for Perl5?