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Strange Problems, Need MiNTOS 1.4.1

Ok, so I put Mint-Net 0.55 on my system last night.  When I did a reboot,
I got the message that u:\usr\sbin\init could not be found.  So then I bypassed
INIT and went directly to TCSH.  Then I got the message from u:\bin\sh: cannot
open u:\etc\rc.

When I did a listing on /etc, I found that rc, rc.local, rc.single, and maybe
some others were 0 length, with unknown permissions.  When I did a listing
on /usr/sbin I found that INIT had the same problem.

It seems to me that these were all files that were accessed upon startup of
the system (well, /bin/sh did not get corrupted for some reason).

I ran fsck on the partition and it told me that the inodes were pointing to
invalid free space and asked if I wanted to delete them.  When the cleanup 
was complete, all the offending files were gone.

Now I don't have any of my rc files, nor do I have the init program itself.
I found older versions of mintos on a.a, but I need the latest (1.4.1, I think)
and I already tossed the message that told me where it was.

I believe I used the standard rc.* files that were in that package, so that
shouldn't be too bad to fix.

If anyone can tell me where Mintos is, and what happened to my directories and
why, the I would be grateful.

                                Troy Carpenter
                            Bell-Northern Research
                               Atlanta, Georgia

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