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Re: Virtual Memory...????

> Unfortunately, I don't no much about virtual memory... well, i.e. I can't
> write such a driver ... sorry :(
> BUt I know that it's REALLY necessary to implement this as soon as possible

Why? This isn't meant to tease you, but apart from being a standard
part of operating systems today, is it really essential for your
day-to-day work on your Atari system? 

Look at the Amiga's OS. Although it is a very capable multitasking
OS, it doesn't offer virtual memory nor memory protection. We have
the latter which gives us some safety which I find very important
both for programmers and users. (And it doesn't hurt performance.)
So maybe there are other things to look at first. (The suboptimal
performance of the MiNT/AES combo and MultiTOS in general comes
to my mind.)

Claus Brod, MDD, HP Boeblingen         Have you hugged your manager today?
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