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Re: Slip

>     Well I'm writing this telneted from my machine, so soemthing I did
> is working.  The namserver problem was definately causing me problems,
> and I suspect using modem2 without a serial fix was also causing me
> problems.  I started the connection with slattach and when I pinged the
> machine from the machine I'm telneted to it didn't crash.
>     Now for some questions...  Is there any way to use a remote
> nameserver?

Yes, but currently you can have at most ONE 'nameserver' line in
/etc/resolv.conf (otherwise the old problem will reoccur), I think.

I'm not really sure, because I have changed the library and have only tried
the new lib.

Try it!

> Will changing the /etc/resolv.conf file after running
> slattach work?

Yes, but only for the programs run after you have changed /etc/resolv.conf,
because every program doing namserver lookups reads /etc/resolv.conf when
the resolver code is invoced the first time.

> Also is it possible to run the connection at 38400? 
> When I try to manually use stty to set /dev/ttyb to 38400 it says it
> isn't a valid setting.

Well, on modem2 it is possible, but not via the OS, but rather needs some
hacks... (ie directly calling Rsconf, I think).