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MiNT UUCP, cnews, etc

I've finally gotten totally fed up with running Hermes UUCP on a FAT
partition (thanks to the bloody unstable GFA-BASIC uucico), and want (?)
to go through the pain of getting UUCP software set up properly for MiNT.

What I've got so far:

* Taylor UUCP 1.05 (from prep.ai.mit.edu)
* cnews (from wuarchive.wustl.edu)
* elm 2.4 (from wuarchive)
* trn (from wuarchive)

Am I missing something?  I have a feeling that I'm missing some sort of
mail transport, but I have no idea.  :-(  I'm essentially a user when it
comes to UUCP...

Was it Juergen that had this all working nicely?  I need to track down
some diffs to Taylor UUCP at least; what about the other stuff?

Any help would be appreciated before I dive in; I'm currently setting up
my MiNT stuff properly (using MiNTos) and cleaning up.

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