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A few things

I found a few things by porting the CERN httpd 3.0pre6 to MiNT.

First the function execve() respectively _spawnve() depends on the UNIXMODE 
s-Flag. Is it really necessary to use UNIXMODE in this context. Without 
the s-Flag httpd was not able to start cgi-scripts. It took me some hours 
to find that.

I didn't want to make a different Source for MiNT. For that i will put some
#ifdef's in it, but i didn't know what is the right one. 
I found in other Sources:

#ifdef __MINT__
#ifdef __mint
#ifdef MINT

What are the differences between them ?

I was really astonished how simple it was to port it to MiNT.
The binary is about 400K, but it works under inetd. Tcsh, 
httpd and perl can run without memory problems on a 4MB Machine.
It is really usefull to test cgi-scripts at home :-)

When the Source is clean it will be available at my Hompage at
http://www.gm-fh-koeln.de/~iss009 under the Atari Page. You can find 
there also MiNT-List and a Linux68k-List Archive created by Hypermail.


Frank Post                        eMail: iss009@cips2.gm.fh-koeln.de