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Re: re_comp -> regcomp

> |> I'm trying to compile a program named Xspead (an X version of sc).
> |> Xspread seems to need function re_comp and re_exec (old regexp funcs) or

I temporarily replaced these with strcmp to get the program compiled.
Xspread seems to work (at least mostly) ok and uses only about 400k mem.
The user interface is quite spartan but nevertheless it's a GUI one :).

Xspread features lotus-123 import (some old format I guess), graphics
(slow), some matrix operations and most of the things one would expect
a spreadsheet to have.

> |> regcmp and regex (from some obscure freeware lib?)  whereas MiNTlibs
> |> seem to have newer regcomp and regexec functions.  I haven't used these
> |> before, so I'd like a small amount of code for converting from
> |> re_comp/exec to regcomp/exec.  Thanks!
> It's actually not small code, but you could use the GNU regex code
> which provides both the POSIX and the BSD interface.

Thanks, I'll look into this. Hopefully it's not too big. :)

	- Eero -