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MiNT-X, Xmp and colors

I just compiled the newest Xpm library and I'm having trouble with the
color definitions.  The test program 'sxpm' that came with the library
shows some pictures ok and some not.  For example if the picture uses
color 'wheat', sxpm exits with a 'color parsing' error.  If I'll change
the color name to eg.  'navy' or 'white', pic will be shown without

I tried this with both the normal Xpm-lib setup and with the hardcoded
color name/value table (originally intended for MS-W).  The color table
has names for the 'Navy', 'Wheat' etc.  and name checking should be
case-insensitive. Any explanations why sxpm gives those error messages?

One thing that got me also wondering, was where sxpm got the definitions
for those 'white' and 'navy' with the normal Xpm-lib setup as I have no
rgb.txt database.  I even grepp'd the X server binary to see whether it
contained some hardcoded defaults, but no... ???

Btw.  In which format the MiNT-X 'RGB_DB' (that it complains to be
missing) entries should be?  Here on DEC's OSF/1, the rgb.txt contains
entries having three, space separated decimal values followed with the
color name.  X man page says that name should be first and followed with
either 'rgb:RR/GG/BB' or with '#RRGGBB' (old, pre-X11R5 syntax?) where
the color values are in hexadecimal. Please, enlighten me!

	- Eero -

PS. The XSpread is on my WWW page now, compiled with the GNU regex
'library' (although it was 80k on alpha, on st it was only 20k...).