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Problems with the mintos distribution

Following the replies to my question about sync'ing a minix system, I
tried again (fifth time now) to decompress my tar of MiNTOS. It's
version 1.4.1 (or whatever the latest one on the earth.ox web site
is), and I've downloaded it several times, to no avail.

Basically, i can use gzip on it fine, but I am unable to detar the
resultant file. I've tried "detar.ttp" (a more tos based tar
utility), tar from the MiNT archive at Imperial College (src.ic.ac),
and last night even with tar on the Linux PC upstairs! The best
results came from detar.ttp, which manages the first few files before
giving up with an error. The others don't even get that far.

My original tgz has been webbed, ftp'd and even gophered down, and
the same applies in all cases. Has anyone else had problems? Is there
another source for it? I now have sync (I hope, if the attachments
worked!), but I'm sure there's other stuff stuck in there that would
help me!


Xav <mbge4mdc@fs1.ee.man.ac.uk>

P.S. My sync problem was due to NOHOG.ACC being turned off in XBOOT.
I must have done it without realising on Friday. Thanks for all the
replies though.