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Re: gcc-2.6.3

Waldi Ravens (waldi@moacs.indiv.nl.net) wrote:

> I suspect Frank will use (approximately) the following scheme in his
> distribution (KGMD):

As there will be no gcc-2.6.x with KGMD 1.0-RELEASE, I'll use the `old
style' pathnames like these:

/usr/lib/libfoo.a (modified linker)
/usr/lib/gcc/{cc1,cpp} (which is a link to ./{2.3.3,2.5.8}/{cc1,cpp}
	so you can easily switch to your preferred version.

There will be no g++ included by default, because it (nearly) does not
work on 4 MB machines and I'm not sure if it really works with the
current libraries.

Oh, expect KGMD (Knarf's German MiNT Distribution) 1.0-RELEASE to be
released this month. 1.0-BETA works fine on most machines, but I'm
very busy with other things right now, so *please* do not mail me your
questions about KGMD. Just sit back, wait and be surprised if the
release is out. ;)

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