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Help with GCC installation

Ok, I tried to install GCC 2.6.3  from the files Michi recently posted.  I knew
there were going to be problems, which is why I haven't upgraded my GCC setup
since I first installed it.

The installation I had before was right from the MDK from long ago.  That put
my lib files in /usr/lib; includes in /usr/include; and I moved the binaries 
to /usr/gnu/bin.  I had whatever the environment variables were supposed to
be for that setup...something about prefixes and all.  Everything worked fine
with this setup.

This version of GCC seems to do thing different.  Can someone please post
their configuration  and tell me where everything goes.  Right now when I 
try to compile something, I get a message that cpp cannot be found.  I fear
that my binaries and libs are all in the wrong place.


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