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Re: MiNT Computing!

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Peter Ross wrote:

> Here are some suggestions to maintain future support of Atari/C-Lab/Medusa/DirecTT - MiNT
> related computers.  I will be making an attempt to learn C and Python to get into programming.	
> Any comments are highly appreciated.  Thanks.

Quite visionary ... It was nice to dream that world while reading. 
However I don't think that this is realistic. I got the strong feeling 
that the author neglected the fact that computing power is limited, that 
neither TT nor Falcon, STE or STs are high performance workstations that 
would be needed to support all that stuff. Some of it really needs high 
CPU performance, and this doesn't get any better by the most 
sophisticated add-ons. And remember that developing all that stuff took 
years for the PC platform with it's higher CPU performance and hugely 
higher potential of programmers and developers.

Sorry that I wasn't too impressed by this vision.

Cheers  Peter

   Peter Rottengatter             perot@pallas.amp.uni-hannover.de