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Re: MiNTnet

>Hello Kellis!
>> What is it? only ray koemer was the qualified one for such a task?
>> Why such a request, well:
>> many people are switching to MiNT because of the MiNTnet part for one
>> (many other reasons but mintnet still is a very important attraction).
>Kay Roemer doesn`t support MiNTnet anymore. The last thing he do are some 
>patches for MiNT`98 CD-ROM.

That's right. Kay implemented some things that were necessary for bind
and samba 1.9.18 .

>Bernd Ebert will upload this and a lot of other (ported) programs 
>(samba, updated nfs) this week.

True. Is there any preferred ftp-server (ftp.funet.fi or piwo)?
This is the exact list of the Packages I am going to set free:

1. Samba 1.9.18p3: There is still a bug in MiNT which kills the Keyboard-Connection
   when I try to print from my Windows-Machine to a local Printer provided by Samba.
   Frank knows about the problem, but it seems to be difficult to fix.
   Apart from that Samba is working great, I got Transfer-Rates from up to 700 kb/s
   with my Hades and a NE2000-PCI-Board.

2. A newly ported NFS-Server (Version 2.0.29 from Linux) because nfsd-050 was
   very buggy. It is working fine with Speed between 300 and 600 kb/s on my
3. nfs-Package 0.54. We did some Bugfixing concerning the nfs-client wich
   is very reliable now. The nfsd is included but it is still very buggy.
   Thats why we ported the linux-nfsd.
4. Complete Sources for lpd 5.90 ready to compile with mint.

5. The Patches for Minix-FS concerning large Files are already included
   in Frank's minixfs 0.70.x 
6. MiNTnet 1.03 with the Bugfixes I mentioned above.

7. A pcnfsd, which is useful with some nfs-Clients for Mac (Wollengong) and PC.

I would be able to get some FTP-Space at my University for free MiNT-Stuff,
but I definitely have no time to do a good maintaining. If somebody
would pre-sort new stuff for me, I could install a new MiNT-Main-Server.

>New maintainer from MiNTnet is Thorsten Lang now. Any help recommended.

Yes! Especially with security-trouble like teardrop or nuke.