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More TOSWIN2 stuff...

  Okay, thanks to everyone who replied to my plea for TOSWIN2 installation
  Well, I'm made -some- progress. I now have the xconout.xdd file in my
  multitos folder, and its running. I did run the app that calls TOSWIN,
  and I saved my settings. I set it to auto-open a console, right? What
  graphics should you pick, vt52 or 100? 
  Now, when I double-click on micq or login, it does blow up a console
  window with the text from the running program inside. In login's case,
  just as soon as  root (or my user name), is entered, it doesn't even give
  me time to enter a password, but says program terminated. In micq's case
  it locks up or gives me a "message from server-go away!". (cute, but not
  what I wanted to see). This is running from Thing of course. If I just
  go to my bash# after booting up (with no Naes or Thing running), I can
  login, and micq does in fact, work (in black and white text). 
  Now, TOSWIN2 is sitting in my apps folder inside of Naes. There is another
  folder called "term" with 2 files in it by Peter Stehlik. They are termcap
  and terminfo. Where do they belong? (I read his short doc, but couldn't
  figure it out). Do they stay right where they are? (c:\toswin2\term\) or
  do they go somewhere on my Minix partition?
  Thanks to everyone in advance! ;-)

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