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Tiny Fugue & TosWin Problem

I've a rather odd problem with Tiny Fugue (MINT 3.4alpha 16, the 
popular binary distribution found on most atari ftp sites)
when used in split screen mode with TosWin2.1.  Lines of
text get lost, or drawn to the wrong place when changing worlds 
(scrolling disabled of course, since tw100 doesn't support this), and 
other visual corruptions.  I get the problems with vt100, tw100, 
vt52, and tw52 termcap bindings (tried them all).

This doesn't happen with virtual consoles, but does occur with
every version of TosWin I can find.  There's a long list of reasons
for prefering a TW console...namely color...

This occurs in every mode and configuration of tf I can find, yet
later versions of tf running on my provider's BSDI based
system works perfectly well from TosWin2.1 via telnet.

So...would the problem be somewhere in tf?  I did double and
triple check my termcap and terminfo configs to make sure they are 
proper.  Next I tried compiling later versions of tf on my KEMD
equipped Falcon with no success (grep and egrep functions not 

So...I'm at a total loss as to what causes the problem, and have
tried all I know on my own to overcome.  Any further tips?  Maybe
there are later libraries that can compile a later version of tf (a 
good bit of features and bug fixes have been added since 3.4a16)?