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Re: MiNT 1.15 with Atari ST + HBS

Hello Jan,

on Tue 13-10-98 16:46 you wrote:

>Hi all!
>We have problems with MiNT 1.15.0 official version running on
>MEGA ST with HBS and Magnum ST. The kernel find both ST and TT
>RAM (from Magnum), then write line about NEWFAT and then fell
>down. I tried switch off the NEWFAT in MINT.CNF but without
>success. Can somebody help me?

Soory I can't help you with your problem but I also do have a problem.
Since the beta 3 release I've problems on my Hades. It happens sometimes 
that the system hangs just after it loaded MiNT. 
The last lines I get on screen is this:
	Initializing core memory:
	31461744 bytes of ST RAM, no Fast RAM found.
A reboot usually helps but sometimes it needs two or even more reboots 
before the system is up and running.

For your information I doing this on a Hades 060 32 mb EDO-RAM, freeMiNT 
1.15.0/N.AES 1.1.7/Thing 1.27/NovaVDI 2.61/NVDI 5.01. I'm using HDdriver 
7.6 as harddisk driver.


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