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Re: PATHs...

DarkChyld [Ronald J. Hall] wrote:
>   Okay, under MS-DOG, er Dos, you have a path statement in either CONFIG.SYS
>   or AUTOEXEC.BAT (I forget which, not much of a PC user). Anyways, where

For MiNT and N.AES there are MINT.CNF and N_AES.CNF. You will find
example files in the packages where
you find lines like 'PATH=/bin;/usr/bin;/usr/ucb/sbin' or similar. This
lines should be changed for
your purpose.
Another way: your login shell will execute special files like
'/etc/csh.cshrc' or '/$HOME/.login'.
There you can set the PATH variable too, but this should be explained in
the UNIX book you wrote about.
Search for sh/csh/tcsh.