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Re: MiNT 1.15 with Atari Mega/STE

On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, Holger Herzog wrote:

> MB>>The kernel find both ST and TT
> MB>>RAM (from Magnum), then write line about NEWFAT and then fell
> MB>>down.
> On my MegaSTE, there is the same problem. 
> MiNT hangs up after the FAT/VFAT/FAT32-Message. After that, 
> there is no response to any input. Pushing the reset-button 
> leads to a black screen and then the game really is over. 
> I have to put off/on the power-supply.

On my Stacy, I get similar lockups _with any kernel version_, if
any XFS is present.

On my TT, if/when I get a system crash, pressing RESET leads to
a similar black screen (with LOTS of tiny horizontal lines).  The 
only solution is to turn it off for about 10 seconds and restart.  
This kind of "black-crash" is what I get since 1.14.x whenever a
major crash happens.

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