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Re: 3 button mouse (was: Re: [MiNT] X magic)

> > Because, as you say yourself, you need to send VDI-calls over the
> > network, and no current VDI can do something like this.
> Isn't it possible to catch the VDI trap (even after NVDI has already

Certainly. Even though fVDI can now (finally!) be booted, I run it 'on top'
of NVDI most of the time. That way fVDI can easily be installed temporarily
and the uninstalled again when I want to test something.

> caught it)?  Requests for net workstations would then be sent
> via the network interface, local requests would be passed to the
> original VDI.

While it's quite possible to do this, it's not entirely simple.
Needless to say, fVDI can of course do it.  ;-)

The main idea behind implementing this functionality in fVDI was to allow
requests for printer drivers to pass through to NVDI (or some other GDOS).
(I really have no plans at this time to work on printer drivers for fVDI
 at all, but someone else might of course do that.).
I have tested this by making fVDI concern itself only with newly opened
workstations and leaving all the old ones (opened before fVDI was started)
to NVDI and that has worked quite well. Later on there will be a way to
specify in the FVDI.SYS file what devices should be passed through.

As I've said before, writing a network device driver for fVDI should be
relatively easy. As mentioned above, you could still use your standard VDI
locally (but why would you want that? ;-).

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