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Re: [MiNT] MiNT termination (corecting myself)


Thomas Binder wrote:

> Of course, but that's _MiNT_'s doing. Upon returning to orignal GEMDOS,
> this continues as if MiNT has been just a simple Auto program. Its
> Fsfirst()/Fsnext()-status hasn't changed, so the program following MiNT
> is run next. At least, this is the behaviour I have experienced during
> the last years. BlowUP is run by MiNT, and, after exiting the INITial
> bash (and thus exiting MiNT), BlowUP is run a second time by TOS, then
> SingleAES is started.

Yes, that is correct - certainly the way its always worked on my machine.

The only problem is, when MiNT starts running the programs after it in the
auto-folder, it will run the "reboot" program that you suggest, thus
preventing you from getting into MiNT - unless you make the program a little
more inteligent than you indicated and have it check to see if it is running
under MiNT.

I agree that this would solve the problem though.


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