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Re: 3 button mouse (was: Re: [MiNT] X magic)

Jo Even Skarstein <joska@nuts.edu> writes:

> > > I agree. To me an X server is a piece of software that allows you run
> > > remote X window programs as if you were on the console, like telnet
> > > does for text based systems.
> > 
> > And even though XaAES is not an X server, it IS intended to be able to do
> > just that. :)
> AES-applications over network? I don't know about that, you'll need a
> completely new VDI for that (perhaps a driver for fVDI?). And remember
> that unlike X, AES-applications are responsible for all redraws. X
> knows the contents of it's windows, so it can do reasonable fast
> redraws, but constant redraws over a network (like AES/VDI would have
> to do) would be pretty slow.

This is somewhat where the oAESis in the OSIS project is going. oAESis
in Linux currently consists of a server and a library, which acts as a
client to the server. All programs compiled with the library will send
messages to the server to do things.

This brings some problems to oVDIsis, of course, because it has to
share the workstations between processes. We're (CG) currently working
on this, using shared memory. oVDIsis is only a library which oAESis
and the programs are using.

Tomas - tomas[@.]nocrew.org