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Re: 3 button mouse (was: Re: [MiNT] X magic)

On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Jörg Westheide wrote:

> JES>And remember that unlike X, AES-applications are responsible for all
> JES>redraws. X knows the contents of it's windows, so it can do
> JES>reasonable fast redraws, but constant redraws over a network (like
> JES>AES/VDI would have to do) would be pretty slow.
> Don't you think that it would be possible to write an AES that buffers the
> content of the windows so that it can handle most of the redraws on it's own?

The problem with this is that in current implementations of AES and
VDI there's no connection between windows and workstations. The AES
doesn't know about other workstations than the ones it use itself, and
the VDI doesn't even know that the AES exists.

This makes it pretty hard for the AES to cache window-contents, unless
you compare rectangles and stores bitmaps. I guess you could cache
VDI-calls as well, but since both windows and virtual workstations are
pretty dynamic things this is not trivial...

A much better idea (IMO) is to develop XaAES further, a integrated
VDI-server where workstations belongs to windows and (0,0) always
refers to the upper left corner of the window would make things a lot
easier. The drawback with this is that applications must be ported and
recompiled to be able to run over the network...

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