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AW: [MiNT] drive letters (was: Kernal questions)

> Anyways...
> Basically, this is the approach I advocate for MiNT:
> 1) GEM apps access drive letters (ie: C:\clipbrd\scrap.txt)
> 2) CLI only access real UNIX paths (ie: /tmp/screen.copy)
> In other words, drive letters should be absent from / since U:
> is our UNIX  /  (ie: root), but there should still be a way 
> for GEM to access paths in the traditional DOS way.
> Likewise, CLI should access /floppy while GEM wants A:\ drive.
> You get the idea?  ;-)

No. What's the point of this? Why would the type of the application
make any difference about how ti access files?

I would like to see a clear description of the (perceived?) problem
with the current way MiNT works, and *then* we can discuss how to
fix that.