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Hi Petr!

PS>Now one has to ensure that if user changes the date/time by calling a
PS>GEMDOS or XBIOS function the routine in interrupt must notice that.
Then you should do that by having a look at these calls. Specially when you
have to do that from a TSR, it's no problem to hook into the trap vectors.
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And if you do that with the help of my TraPatch you don't have to bother with
finding the parameters and checking the function code, because your code will
only be called if there's a call to the function you registered that code for
and you will receive a pointer to the parameters in register a0.
So there's no unneccessary slowdown of the system if you support TraPatch!
TraPatch is now available from my homepage http://home.pages.de/~westheide
where you can also find it's programming documentation online.
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