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[MiNT] apologies TZINIT

OK... Seems I owe you appologies. ;-/

The reason why 'date' always shows GMT as TZ (instead of the zone declared
in TZ=[timezone]) is because I use Christian Felsch's port of GNU shell
utils 1.16 and it seems to be broken..... ;-(

The port of 'date' from KGMD correctly displays whatever zone is found in
TZ environment variable, though. ;-) 
However, MINT_CLOCKMODE=local is still broken... It really should show the
time given by the RTC, not whatever time it is in London....... 

MINT_CLOCKMODE=local really should mean "whatever date the RTC says, and
it happens to be in TZ 'blah' which is +/- 'x' minutes from GMT." 


It seems the 'date' from your port is not fetching TZ info correctly,
cause it always shows GMT as a timezone, even if I have something else. 


Could you both figure out where TZ support is broken?  I cannot tell for
sure wether TZINIT or the GNU 'date' is what's causing the problem. I'm
not accusing anyone of anything either;  I just want localtime TZ support
to be fixed! 


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