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Re: [MiNT] using MIDI with pppd

> > > Setting the speed on the MIDI-ports doesn't make sense, since they're fixed
> > > at 31250 :-) Just leave out the speed-setting, pppd doesn't *require* this
> > > anyway.
> > 
> > I am _NOT_ setting the speed.  It's only PPPD that complains it finds
> > that port uses an incorrect or out of range baudrate...............
> When in the connecting-process does this happens? It looks OK here. I don't
> have an actual MIDI-connection (MIDI-ports not available on my Falcon), but
> since pppd initialises the port before it call chat

You're contradicting yourself here......

1) you say that it works fine
2) then you admit you haven't tried the MIDI port (they're unavailable)

Anyways, that is _precisely_ where it happens:  PPPD tries to initialize
the port and finds out it doesn't know about this queer 31250 baud speed,
so it aborts....

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