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Re: [MiNT] ()

> > they're very useful for TSR programs that can't read actual GEMDOS date
> Right, but where is the advantage if reading system date and time from an
> interrupt? This sounds like a very _bad_ style of programming. For now I
> can't imagine a program that would need that - in fact MiNT has enough
> mechanisms to avoid using interrupts at all - so can you help?

I use it in my corner clock/multi-utility called Clocky. Another example
is a corner clock program called ShowTime (for this the DTCOOKIE was
developed, most probably). Problem is the DTCOOKIE is a piece of hack and
it's a miracle it does work at all on all TOS versions. It may not work on
MiNT and thus it would be best if MiNT provided these cookies itself.