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Re: AW: [MiNT] drive letters (was: Kernal que

> > MiNT is not "worse" or "better", than another OS. Its filesystem structure
> > is not "worse" or "better". It is just different. We do not need adapting
> > to Linux, because we do not develop Linux. We develop MiNT.
> Correct. However, since we are using a unix-like filesystem setup, we should
> make it as unix-like as possible as long as it makes sense - I see no reason
> why files should be put in a different location on my Mint system than on my
> other computers (running Linux, Freebsd, Solaris). Adhering to an
> established standard makes it easier for people with a unix background to
> find things on a MiNT system - and you can use the available documentation
> unmodified, eg. for installing dialup networking and other stuff.
> > The position of wtmp file doesn't really matter. But it DOES matter, if it
> > is traditionally established by a most common distribution. Releasing an
> Yes, the position *does* matter. Placing it in /etc requires that /etc is
> writable. There are reasons why the FHS is as it is - some may not matter on
> a single-machine setup, but they make sense nevertheless.
> > incompatible distribution will end up with a situation, where most users
> > will have TWO wtmp files (just an example) because ports will appear for
> > both distriutions for some time. And paths are hardcoded in software.
> > Such a move can't be done before shared libs are done.
> It can be done, and I think it should be done - the user must simply be told
> about the problem. A simple symlink in the old position will keep old
> programs working.

Okay, you have a point. My only concern is to not create a mess among MiNT
users (among users of different distributions). If it can be easily
solved, I have no further contras.

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