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Re: [MiNT] ()

> GF>I agree that using these cookies is probably not best style. Anyway, does
> GF>it really hurt to provide them?  They only have to be updated every 2
> GF>seconds.
> They are not updated - they provide pointers to the actual variables.
> The code in main.c is like this:
> 	/* install new DATE and TIME cookies
> 	 */
> 	newcookie[i].tag   = COOKIE_DATE;
> 	newcookie[i].value = &datestamp;
> 	i++;
> 	newcookie[i].tag   = COOKIE_TIME;
> 	newcookie[i].value = &timestamp;
> 	i++;

Huh!? Petr, I don't have the whole MiNT source memorized, but AFAIK,
datestamp and timestamp are located in kernels PRIVATE MEMORY. It is
definitely not allowed to access them this way!

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