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[MiNT] Porting Berkeley DB 2.7.3

 "configure: error: Neither mmap/munmap(2) or shmget(2) library functions."
 So, at this point my question is .. does those functions/interfaces exist 
 for us to use somewhere? At least, the shm stuff should be available 
 somewhere, but since I'm pretty new at this stuff, I have no clue as to 
 where to look. I take it that these are functions dealing with memory 
 issues, providing some kind of standard interface. The shm I quess has 
 something to do with shared memory. Shouldn't this be in the MiNTlibs?
 I'm using MiNTlibs pl49.
 I did manage to compile sucessfully the gdbm 1.7.3, but sendmail versions 
 above 8.8.x will not work with this package, because of some file locking 
 If you all get the impression that I don't know what I'm doing at all 
 here, then it's not an impression ;-) I don't know much about what I'm 
 doing here. This means, if you have ideas as to what I should try, make 
 sure you explain in such a way that even an idiot would understand ;-)
 Any ideas anyone?