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[MiNT] boot logging

Hi Folks!

Some time ago there where a discussion in a newsgroup about
while reading the boot messages of MiNT. It seems that some machines are
so fast that users have no chance to read the really important lines on
the screen because the scrolling is too fast.
My idea is to modify the "CON=" comand so that MiNT writes its messages
the defined device/file (eg. "CON=c:\boot.log") too. This is easy to
implement. But there is one problem: If MiNT writes the message to the
defined destination _instead_ of the screen, important errors might be
overseen (who controls a logfile all the time?). On the other hand if
messages where duplicated to the destination, a line like
"CON=u:\dev\console" to stop file logging would cause two outputs every
Any suggestions?