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Re: [MiNT] MiNT + Photoline

> (some time ago Janez wrote about problems with Photoline in MiNT)
> Well, I found out that it is a problem with Photoline and _NAES_, not
> MiNT. If you use Atari AES 4.10 (from MultiTOS 1.08 beta distribution) and
> MiNT, Photoline works very well.
> I have no clue for now, what's wrong there.

   :)) I suspected N.AES..  Imho, PL check color depths in rather weird
way, and/or that "adress" or whatever isnt supported by N.AES.. It work on
Milan with N.AES.. Anyway, since PL support TC mode now, there is no real
problem! THX

							Semper Fi, SWE!