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RE: [MiNT] MiNTLib 0.52.3b

> > Try "cd /dev/c" and list, then compare with "cd /c" and list.
> /dev/c ist not supported by MiNT. What you see is a hack in the MiNT
> libraries.

Oh?  How could libraries insert a device?  Please explain.  

> > Both are the same and it's already there, just hidden (i.e. ls
> > still won't show you /dev/c even though it is there).
> No, it's not.

Then how do I manage to cd to /dev/c and see the same as /c ?

> > Couldn't U: also hide the single-letter drives the same way, but
> > still make them available to whichever app request /c etc.?
> Of course -- just hiding them doesn't make them inaccessible.

Making them hidden by default, but still accessible, would be nice.
Less clutter when listing U: and doesn't break existing practices.

However, the above bit about that being a library hack confuses me;
I'm not sure I would know where to change the kernel, to change it.

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