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[MiNT] Wrong partition ID? Why?

Hi everybody,

Still trying to exchange datas between my MiNT-box and my Linux-box... and I 
encounter many many problems...

First, I erased my Windows FAT32 ZIP-100 cartridge (by mistake). <G> Arrrgh!

I used 'mkfatfs' to re-build a (V)FAT32 partition but it always complains about 
a wrong partition ID. I tried BGM, RAW, F32 (as it recommends)... I tried also 
the DOS compatibility... No use!

Besides, I also tried to read an Ext2 ZIP cartridge built on my Linux-box. 
Wonderful! No problem except that Ext2-FS says "Mounting unchecked fs. Running 
e2fsck is recommended" but I can read, write and erase files. What else should 
I ask?

I felt very happy... until I launched 'e2fsck' which complains about the wrong 
partition ID []. (And that silly Ext2-FS says that I'm mounting an unchecked fs 
and that I should run 'e2fsck' once again!)

Something should be done about this. IMHO, that's not very clever to recommend 
to run a fs-checker when this fs-checker is just starting.

What should I do? Use the hammer hanging on my screen and break the glass?  ;-)

See you later,

Remi Villatel
E-mail: maxilys@normandnet.fr