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Re: [MiNT] ext2 error

Frank Naumann wrote:
> Hello!
> > > > e: has reached maximal mount count, check forced.
> > >
> > > This isn't an error, it's a feature.
> >
> > Quite irritating though, if you are developing something that needs many
> > reboots (examples: MiNT kernel, shutdown program :-)). I can't understand,
> > why the fsck thinks it should check a partition, even when the partition
> > has been cleanly unmounted, the system has been closed properly, and the
> > fsck was not ASKED to do anything.
> Hey, say this to the ext2 people and not me. I'm NOT designed this. The
> ext2 tools are the original tools from the Linux people.
> ext2 also increment a counter everytime a ext2 partition is mounted. This
> is a documented behaviour.
> If you dislike this you can tune this filesystem parameter with tune2fs or
> you can hack the ext2 tools or you can hack the ext2 xfs. Or use the good
> old MinixFS.
> Beside your oppionion I really like this method. A filesystem check at
> bootup is performed if one of the following conditions is true:
> - filesystem not cleanly unmounted
> - last filesystem check is older than 6 months (configurable, default
>   value 6 months)
> - filesystem is mounted more than 20 times without checking (configurable,
>   default is 20)
> This increase filesystem stability a lot. Ext2 is designed to be robust
> too, not only speed.
> Tschuess
>    ...Frank

     You are very knowlegeable but I agree.  You did not explain
     the message.  The information above is much closer to an 
     answer and what I and others would have wanted.  
     Thank you.


     PS.  I am currently trying to back port 15b to LATTICE,
          (because I cannot get GCC to run on my system. )
          I have 4 other versions of mint.  So I can compare 
          the build.    Syntax is genuinely eccentric.  
          LATTICE is stable if gnarly.    Since I am limited
          to TOS (1.4) I must bootstrap the system.   So I cannot
          expect SED or INSTALL or BUILD to work, much less GCC.    

          So I must puzzle out the errors and try to resolve 
          symbols with LATTICE.    I really dont think anyone
          else really cares.   But my system is very small.
          And I need to make things work. I know how to do that.
          But any help would be appreciated.


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