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Re: [MiNT] 1.15.7 beta

on Thu 02-03-2000 23:47 kellis wrote:

>Julian, have you tried beta7?  if so, reported any error with cdrom?
>actually with SPIN! (of course) and eject then insert new medium.
>Beta7 here doesn't like that at all.
>Switched back to beta5 (just to try) and here it works.. Anyone can
>reproduce the same symptoms?
>I repeat: put a cd, fine..
>eject it (from physical eject button, or THING desktop "Auswerfen"), works
>fine, then put new cd (data), then close it and try to read the content.

I've the same symptoms here. I can read/access the CD but after an 
eject/re-insert a CD all what I get when I try to read the CD is a busy 
bee and thats that. The only thing that helps is a reboot.
I'm using betaDOS 3.07 together with the SPIN driver. I don't use memory 

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